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Specicom Technologies Ltd provides a variety of products as per customer needs. We do supply and delivery power equipments, energy materials and ICT equipment to clients/users as per their need. We are certified partner with leading manufacturers of several products as an authorized reseller. We provide Desktop, laptop and notebooks computing products ideal for both home and business users. We supply to major power companies in Kenya products which include: - switchgears, transformers, generators, supply units, fuses, isolators and many others

We provide entry servers, medium servers, high end servers and various categories of enterprise servers to cater for all types of organizations, be they private, government or non-governmental. We provide printing and photocopying solutions in the form of highly recognized and quality printers and photocopiers which come in all ranges from desktop photocopying to heavy duty and multifunctional copiers.


From rack and blade servers to modern mainframes, and from operating systems such as Windows Server to the various versions of Linux and Unix, we cover the technologies that power the data center.

The company has made unparalleled progress in distribution, sourcing and networking over the years, and is in the best position to provide quality products at the most competitive pricing and guarantying service excellence.

Product Summary
-Desktop Computers -Laptops -Generators
-Notebooks -Printers -Transformers
-Servers -Computer Accessories -Swithgears
-Scanners -Ups's -Fuses
-Photocopiers -Projectors -Electrical wiring accessories
-Networking Equipments
(Switches,Routers, Cables )
-Solar Equipments


Power and Energy

Provide world class power that delights our customers.

Specicom  is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, facilitating the introduction, customization and support of the latest Microsoft Technologies in across the globe.

Specicom invited to The East Africa Top 100 Mid-Size Companies Awards 2011

Voted Top100 Mid-sized companies in year 2010 & 2009

Partner with Safaricom in provision of Data services


  • Web Design & Development
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Computer Repairs
  • Web Hosting
  • Networking solutions
  • Customized Systems Development


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